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Prom Packages for Girls 
Pamper Me Sweetly $80   
Up-do Style, Manicure
Pedicure, 1 Free Tan
Spray the Day Away$95 
Up-do Style, Manicure,
Pedicure, Custom Spray Tan
A Day to Remember$110          It's My Day $125
     Up-do Style, Manicure              Up-do Style, Pedicure
    Pedicure, Eyebrow Wax            Pink & White Acrylics
Custom Spray Tan                        Eyebrow Wax,
                                                            Custom Spray Tan

Prom Packages for Guys
Its a Guy Thing $30    
Custom Creative Haircut
1 week Mega bed Tans 
Suit Up $40
Custom Creative Haircut
1 week Mega bed Tans
Eyebrow Shape-up 
*All Wedding Packages are Customizable for Your needs*
  Wedding Packages
               The Bride$160                              The Groom $60
               *Week before                                *Week before
        1 week Mega bed Tans                1 week Mega bed Tans
            Trial run of Style
              Eyebrow Wax                               * Day before
                                                                                                                 CreativeCustom Cut
             *2 days before                             Mens Manicure
          Custom Spray Tan                         Mens Pedicure
                                                                                                                 Eyebrow Shape-up
          *Day of Wedding
              Up-do Style
           The Bridesmaids $90                  The Groomsmen $40
             *2 Days before                                *Day before
          Custom Spray Tan                    Creative Custom Cut 
                                                                                                                           Men's Manicure
          *Day of Wedding                            Men's Pedicure
                Manicure                                         Free Tan
              Up-do Style
              The Flower Girl $50
           *Day of Wedding
            Mini Manicure
             Mini Pedicure
              Up-do Style
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